When Church doesn't make sense
Break out from the pews
Jesus, unfettered
Love Jesus. Church ... not so sure!
Pastor, there must be more than this!
What does the Bible REALLY say?
God ... unexpected
The REAL meaning of faith
Where IS the freedom that Jesus promised?
Where's the joy?
Why are most Christians so miserable?
Has it always been like this?
Why can't we ever question our pastor or vicar?
How can we be biblical in today's World?
How should I feel about others?
Is God really my mate, is Jesus really my buddie?
What must God think about today's Church?
Do the best revivals have the loudest music?
Why do some Christians behave the same as everyone else?
Is prosperity REALLY a sign of God's favour?
Why are there so many denominations when there's only ONE truth?
Why are there so many Christian divorces?
Where is the Fear of God in today's Church
What should we do with our leaders when they fall?
How much of our Church practices are truly Biblical?
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Restoring God to the centre

Foundations Mission Statement... CLICK HERE
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We are a group of ordinary Christians who are fed up with much of what they see around them in the mainstream Church and think it's about time that we returned to sound Biblical teaching and thinking. Our conferences are not like any other - we believe that Christian gatherings should be times of real fellowship, real growth and real joy, underpinned by authentic teaching and true worship in mind, body and spirit.

What is it?

A weekday residential conference held at Quinta Christian Centre, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry SY10 7LR from Monday April 18th to Friday April 22nd 2016.

Is the Church today really the best it can be, in the sense of empowering Christians to reach their potential and providing a God-centred, valid and uncompromising expression of the faith we have inherited from past generations? Can we dare to do things a little differently … ?

  • Renowned Bible teachers Chris Hill (of CL Ministries) and David Andrew (Editor of Sword magazine) will be speaking on the challenges faced by the Church in the 21st Century
  • Steve Maltz will be launching his new book, 'Hebraic.Church' and speaking on what we can learn from the original apostolic Church.
  • Special guest Andrea Minichiello Williams, the CEO of Christian Concern, will address current issues faced by the Church in the UK.
  • Special guest Alex Jacob, the CEO of CMJ, will look at how the Church should respond to Israel and the Jewish people
  • There will be a series of talks from Foundations stalwarts on various aspects of Hebraic.Church, such as the Jewishness of Jesus, God centred Church, Biblical interpretation, discipleship, law and grace, Greek vs Hebrew thinking and abundant living.
  • There will be opportunities to re-acquaint ourselves with our Messiah, with Jesus and Me sessions.

The week will include:
  • A quality time of fun, fellowship and a learning experience for us all in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Workshops, exhibitions, celebrations … and more
  • Either just soak in the discussions and teaching, or bring your gifts and take a more active role. Expect the unexpected as the Holy Spirit leads us into exciting places.
  • Come as an individual or a church group and benefit from mixing with like-minded Christians from a variety of fellowships.
The cost is 240 POUNDS for accomodation in standard rooms, 200 POUNDS for budget rooms. (includes accommodation, food, refreshments and study notes)


How can I book my place?

Either phone us on 0208 551 1719 or send a cheque for 60 pounds made out to SALTSHAKERS to PO BOX 2215, ILFORD, Essex IG1 9TR or YOU CAN BOOK ONLINE HERE

If you have any questions regarding this form (or anything else relevant) you may email us at or phone us up on 020 8551 1719


  1. MONDAY NIGHT: Setting the scene (Jo Jones)
  2. TUESDAY MORNING: The Word & The Spirit 1 (David Andrew)
  3. TUESDAY MORNING: God's Blueprint 1 (Steve Maltz)
  4. TUESDAY MORNING: Book of Ruth 1 (David Andrew)
  5. TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Talk 1 - or is it? (David Griffiths)
  6. TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Intercession 1 (Brian Mason)
  7. TUESDAY EVENING: Testimony (Suzanne Pillans)
  8. WEDNESDAY MORNING: The Word & the Spirit 2 (David Andrew)
  9. WEDNESDAY MORNING: God's Blueprint 2 (Steve Maltz)
  10. WEDNESDAY MORNING: Book of Ruth 2 (David Andrew)
  11. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Talk 2 (David Griffiths)
  12. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Israel report (Bianca Tobin)
  13. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Testimony (Dave Beaven)
  14. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Intercession 2 (Brian Mason)
  15. WEDNESDAY EVENING: Walking in the Power of the Spirit (Jo Jones)
  16. THURSDAY MORNING: From Matron to Martyr (Lynley Smith)
  17. THURSDAY MORNING: Book of Ruth 3 (David Andrew)
  18. THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Talk 3 (David Griffiths)
  19. THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Intercession 3 (Brian Mason)
  20. THURSDAY EVENING: Talk & Ministry (Suzanne Pillans)
  21. FRIDAY MORNING: Foundations vision & Shavuot service (Steve Maltz)
  22. FRIDAY MORNING: Testimonies (Jo Jones)
  23. FRIDAY MORNING: Thoughts about Foundations 5 (David Andrew)
  24. FRIDAY MORNING: Thoughts about Foundations 5 (Jo Jones)


Some reviews of Foundations by delegates:

"The Spirit of God was so evident in the people during times of fellowship and during the teaching and more formal moments. A deep and lasting work of the Spirit was achieved in people's lives as they opened up to God in their different ways ... I just wonder and sense that God is doing the most precious thing through these people and the work of the conferences they organise, for us to grow and know more of God. One man at this year's conference said to me, 'You talk to strangers, people you have never met before, and it is like talking to someone you have known for years.' If you want things to change in this nation, consider attending next year's conference."

"Just wanted to say a GREAT BIG thanks you both for a brilliant conference! You have all worked SO hard to give us all a wonderful feast of knowledge and information and so much more! It was so full of variety and thought-provoking stuff! What wonderful value for money!! Bless you both"

"Great job with the conference, really great job. Hope you know how good it was and that you're feeling encouraged."

" ... the very important pioneering role that has been made to getting the conference off the ground in the first place. What I liked most was the opportunity to meet with like minded people and especially their desire to impart what they had learned to others. Learning about the other ministries was also helpful and inspiring ... overall I was really encouraged by the desire to put into practice what we have learned through reaching out to the Christian constituency as well"

"Thank you so much for the great conference ....& the 'team' too. Hope you're all recovering well. Very good:- teaching, organisation & opportunity to network (some 'divine connections' maybe?). Jo's worship workshop was excellent & the twins worship too. Lovely to hear peoples testimonies. A good venue & nice food."

"What an amazing week. There surely must be rejoicing in heaven. Thank you so much for all your hard work and vision."

"A big THANK YOU for all your efforts, hopefully completed now! You did really well. Looking back, it was all worthwhile for us."

"A brief note to thank you for all you did organizing the conference. We really enjoyed it ... especially, Steve's teaching sessions. We also enjoyed meeting your father in the small group sessions, and we were delighted to hear him say he had enjoyed the week too. we will continue to pray for him."

"I would like to say a big thankyou to Steve & Monica and Philip and also to Ray Thurley for all your hard work and servant hearts"

"Thank you very much. Be very blessed. Very good conference"

"All in all I am very aware of the heroic efforts of a small team to get this conference off the ground. I feel the results will roll out for quite some time and God will use it in many ways"

"Brilliant. What a good job you've done, Steve & Monica. Such variety and something for everyone. May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry"

"Thanks for all you did. It was appreciated"

"There seemed to be a real effort to make the week a success for all with everyone on the team working hard to achieve this. We think the team achieved this objective"

"On the whole I enjoyed the conference. It was good to be with like-minded people and encouraging to see different age groups attending"

"Thank you Steve, Monica and team for a wonderful time of drawing closer to the Lord. The Lord bless you and keep you"

"You are doing a wonderful work in a wonderful way. God has raised you and your ministry for such a time ... It is my belief that you are preparing us to face tough times ..."

"As said at the first conference, one feels God is doing something very special and eternal through your work and conference"

"I want to express my deep appreciation of all that the very small team have done to produce such an excellent conference. Steve and Monica especially for your kindness - thank you all those who worked so hard. Showed real care and a servant spirit"

"Thank you Monica and Steve and team for your hard work providing such a wonderful week. It was a real privilege to meet you and your family and to be truly 'church'"

"I shall never forget your untiring service and work to enable God's people to learn, hear and see so much in a short time - all bathed in an atmosphere of love. Inspiring!"

"We appreciated all the hard work of Steve, Monica and the team"

"Brilliant time. Thank you for all your hard work"

"Dear Monica and Steve, a very big thank-you for the conference. It has given me even more encouragement to stand up for Judaeo-Christian values. I found Chris Hill's exposition very good indeed."


Foundations Ministry or Movement?

By Malcolm E Baker

I have written about the Foundations conferences before, and feel I should do so again now. It is something the Lord has brought me back to again to emphasise the importance of what He is doing through this work and it is to encourage you that God is working in our nation, but perhaps not in the way we expected. Normally one would expect a fiery, charismatic kind of minister and ministry that would grab people’s imaginations to take them on into the deeper things of God. There would be preaching on miracles and healing. There would be an emphasis on music and extended sessions of worship.

What God appears to be doing, if I am correct, is something completely different. The Lord is using someone that writes books. He wrote a book about a people; he wrote a book about a land. His latest book is about a language. He has also written books about the Church. Not quite the power ministry you or I would choose to bring about change in the spiritual atmosphere of our nation.

Something else is different about God’s choice of minister. He has chosen a Messianic Jew. Which of us in the UK would think of doing such a thing? Much of the world has problems with the fact that our Lord was and is a Jew. Isn’t God compounding that problem? God is God and He can choose the Jews in any generation or place He wants – I guess. I have to mention this; I can’t go on without saying it. Those who claim Jesus was a Palestinian, and those Palestinians that claim Jesus was a Palestinian – If the Palestinians really had been God’s chosen people and not the Jews, the world would hate the Palestinians today in the same way it hates the Jews. They would have suffered the holocaust. They would have been persecuted throughout the centuries. Get real!

Let’s get back to our main point. I have commended and am commending the ‘Foundations’ ministry to you for serious reasons. It is not just so that you can go and have a good time or mix with ‘like-minded’ people. That is just part of the experience. There are a number of ministries in the UK that support Israel and the Jews offering excellent teaching and resources, and are doing an excellent, God ordained work. So what is different about foundations? I would suggest there are a number of differences. Firstly the Founder is a Messianic Jew with God’s anointing. He and his wife are anointed for purpose. Secondly, and importantly, Foundations is a ministry that could quite easily turn into a movement. It could turn into a movement of spiritual change for the Church in the UK. For this reason I would encourage every believer in Jesus, who loves Israel and the Jews and has understanding of God’s End-Time purposes in bringing the Jews back into the land – and people that are beginning to open up to the Hebraic understanding of Scripture – even though you support the other Messianic ministries, I encourage you to get behind and support ‘Foundations.’

Some, many supporters of Israel will have given sacrificially in time and finance over many years. I encourage you, now is not the time to give up. Christmas is almost upon us and there are presents to buy and to give. Then there are next year’s holidays. Give thought to using some of your resources of both time and finance to join others at Quinta in March next year. It is important.

There is a danger in loving Israel and the Jews and going to meetings and buying the books and tapes and DVDs on Hebraic Roots teaching. There is a danger in every ministry. The danger is we are doing it for ourselves. With the ministry of ‘Foundations’, God is providing us with the opportunity to expand beyond our normal borders. At the moment we are on a mountain looking across the nation as far as the eye can see. Being part of a movement can take us physically and spiritually into that land affecting the peoples, affecting and bringing change to the Church. As individuals we have some affect, but as part of a movement that effect is compounded over and over. It does not mean you stop supporting the ministries you have been involved with over the years, or the churches you belong to. Indeed, it is important you continue to support them. My suggestion is that to be at our most effective, we should also get behind and support and be involved with the Foundation ministry and team. Go to the Lord about it. God is bringing change. He is working in hearts and minds. Now He is calling us to new challenges to be part of what He is doing.